had humble beginnings as a one-person project, and has rapidly grown into a go-to resource for amigurumi fans all over the world. Today the website showcases work by a team of talented designers who together are passionate about sharing knowledge and inspiration. We are focused on nurturing a loyal community of crafters - creating books and a fun community in our monthly Ami-along. We believe there’s creativity in everyone, we’d love to help it grow and let it out to play

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We try to answer every email as quickly as possible, but keep in mind we’re located in Belgium (GMT+1) and we spend weekends and public holidays with our family.

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Joke / Founder, curator & publisher

(pronounced 'Yo-kuh') Back in 2011 when she was looking for new crochet patterns, Joke built a small collection of her personal favorites. Her career is rooted in design, with some experience in web design, so her curated collection quickly grew into a website to share her passion with the world. Ever since, crafters from all corners of the world visit the site for creative nourishment and inspiration! Joke curates the selection of patterns on this website as well as in our book collection. She makes sure quality is key.

Dora / Assistant publisher & public relations

Dora is Joke's trusted right hand – following up on book projects, working with testers, freelancers, foreign publishers and printing houses to bring the books to life. Dora writes our spunky copy. She has a background in linguistics and she’s very creative, trying her hand at several of our book patterns.

Bruno / Co-founder, business developer & website designer

Maintaining and developing the business end of is Bruno’s forte, from managing finances to long-term planning and beyond. He also maintains and helps bring improvements to the website.